VM Homes is a family owned company that focuses on vacation and corporate, short-term rentals. We focus on providing luxurious apartment homes open to all individuals at an affordable rate. Our team specializes in customer care and quality control for all of our homes to ensure that every apartment caters to the needs of our guests. 
Want your very own home in The City of Angels? All of our units are designed to emit the sense of having your very own space in this wonderful city. Our apartments provide the luxuries of living in a hotel with your very own personal concierge manager, there to help you with anything you may need with regards to your stay. We perfectly combine the perks of living in an apartment, such as a private kitchen, living room, etc., with the benefits of being apart of the MVM Homes family. 
Our goal is to open our homes to all and create a network for our guests that truly takes care of their needs. Our top priority is to ensure your satisfaction and create a space for you to grow, whether it be financially, with family, relationships, or personal growth; our focus is you. 
Our homes are ready for you, all that's needed is your belongings and presence, and we will make sure your trip is as enjoyable and smooth as it should be!